Although the age of weblogs might be over its peak, they are still a usefull way of broadcasting your opinions or findings if it takes more than 140 characters. Also in science. There are plenty of general scientific weblogs, however there are only a few specific to our field of research: Molecular Dynamics or (bio)molecular modeling. These are the onces I know about and like to read:

boscoh.com/: Thorough posts both on the topic of structural bioinformatics and off topic written by Bosco K. Ho. The post are often lengthy, but they worth you time.

biophyschem.wordpress.com/blog/: Written by Durba Sengupta, a former postdoc in our lab that currently has her own lab in Pune, India. Posts are often on Martini.

rosettadesigngroup.com/blog/: Blog by the lab behind Rosetta, aiming to be a resource to the community. The blogs seems sleeping/dead since october 2012.

mem.bio.pitt.edu/blogs/keithc: posts on Matlab/python related subjects. No posts since September 2012.

As I said, it is not a long list. Did I mis out on any blog in particular (you?)? Let us know!.