Martini flowchart

You have a (bio)molecular system you want to simulate at coarse-grain level
yes   |   no
Does your system contain proteins/peptides?
yes   |   no
Does your system contain lipids (and possibly cholesterol)?
yes   |   no
Does your system contain:
Sugars:Lopez et al. (2009)
Polymers:Lee et al. (2009)
DNA:Uusitalo et al. (2015)

Check this page for a more exhaustive list of parameterized compounds.
yes   |   no   |   ... and others!
There are no Martini parameters for these molecules. See the recipe in the FAQ or this tutorial to see how you can create parameters.
nope, everything's covered
Can't help
ya mate!
You might want to constrain the secondary structure of your protein.
Are electrostatic interactions likely to be important?
yes   |   no
Use normal Martini water and forcefields labelled 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2.
Use polarizable water and forcefields labelled 2.P or 2.2P.
You can use the script to build protein topologies.
One good thing done.
Does it contain only simple lipids (such as DPPC, DOPE, POPC, etc.) or cholesterol?
yes   |   not only
Does it contain
yes   |   no
Does it contain sphingolipids?
yes   |   no
You can build your system using the script.
Was easy after all, wasn't it?