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Watch a random solution of DPPC lipid molecules spontaneously assemble into a bilayer, at atomistic resolution
 bilayer_aggregation.mpg (60Mb)  

In excess solution, using a coarse grained model, a small DPPC vesicle is formed instead vesicle_formation.mpg (60Mb)
Due to the high curvature, two of such vesicles fuse when placed in close contact fusion_whole.mpg (25Mb) fusion_monos.mpg (15Mb)
The fusion process at relativistic rates is somewhat different ... armageddon.mpg (4Mb)
The constituents of model human bile spontaneously aggregate into small mixed micelles bile.mpg (80Mb)
Heating of multilamellar stacks of DOPE results in the formation of an inverted hexagonal phase lamhex.mpg (12Mb)
Cooling of DPPC bilayers shows the nucleation and growth of gel domains gelformation.mpg (90Mb)
Modelled atomistically, DPPC is seen to form a rippled gel phase upon cooling ripple.mpg (60Mb)
NEW! Antimicrobial peptides in action !! magapore2.mpg (60Mb)
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