CECAM Coarse-graining workshop

There has been another coarse-graining workshop, 17-21 October 2011 in Lausanne, hosted by CECAM. Thanks for all attending!

After succesful meetings in Helsinki (2009) and Lapland (2010), we now moved to Lausanne (2011). Check out CG-WORKSHOP-LAUSANNE for details of the meeting. Attendees of the meeting have access to all the lecture and tutorial material, but others who are interested can send us an email and we are happy to provide the material for free.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of the MARTINI force field, this is your chance! At the same time, the workshop featured tutorials from other CGing techniques such as the solvent-free model from Deserno, the force-matching approach from Noid, and the DPD model of Shillcock.

You can have also have a look at the sites from the previous workshops:  CG-WORKSHOP LAPLAND and CG-WORKSHOP-HELSINKI