Building complex membranes

Fresh online: an extensive tutorial chapter on how to build and simulate complex membranes with Martini 3.
Many examples, from simple bilayers to realistic multi-component membranes and curved systems.
Free download until end of May.

SARS-CoV-2 model



The group of Chen Song has published a fully-atomistic model of the SARS-CoV-2 envelope, including N-bound RNA segments, obtained after backmapping from a 500 ns Martini simulation (final configuration shown on the left).

For details, see:  Wang et al., Quant. Biology, 2023.

Martini condensates



Multiscale simulations reveal TDP-43 molecular-level interactions driving condensation.

For details, check the paper from Ingolfsson et al. that just appeared in Biophysical Journal:

Self-assembling nanotubes


"Watching Molecular Nanotubes Self-Assemble in Real Time", JACS online Visualization by Marìck Manrho

Martini 3 LPS

New models for lipopolysaccharides are now available for Martini 3 ! See the paper from Vaiwala and Ayappa, Parameters can be found in the SI of their paper.